Best Price Guarantee offers a Best Price Guarantee. When you buy directly from us, we promise you’ll always get the lowest price online.

To be eligible for price protection, you would need to contact our sales offices directly via telephone. Web sales are not instantly eligible due to the nature of the purchase being without a sales representative. If you must place the order via the web, please make sure to contact us within 24-48 hours after point of purchase to be eligible In order to complete eligibility for Price Protection, you would need to inform the sales representative of two things. First, the item in question for Price Protection must be the same brand/product/model/finish etc. You must also provide the representative with a valid URL link of the product that you are requesting Price Protection for. If the sale is not located on the web, we would need a full print verified advertisement from reliable sources. For example; any other website or any big box retailer.

Processing your order at the matched price is done at the discretion of and is subject to evaluation using the terms and conditions below. Price comparison includes merchandise selling price plus equivalent shipping method and handling charges. Expedited shipping offers may not be available for price-matched orders. The item also needs to be the identical product available for purchase from an authorized dealer and not a pricing error. Excludes manufacturer restrictions, rebates, liquidations, and auction sites such as Ebay, coupons, promotional offers, employee discounts and membership club stores. Price matched discounts cannot be combined with promotional offers.

Contact Information:
Phone: 954-376-3766