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FiberBuilt Base Options

FiberBuilt Concrete Base

  • Comes in 3 weight options 55, 110 and 155lbs 
  • An economical choice when it comes to bases
  • Colored concrete available in 4 colors
  • Protective black trim and padded feet
  • Base sleeve tightening knob to secure umbrella
  • Fits 2, 1.5*, 1.375* inch diameter umbrella poles (*with included adaptors)
  • Unique design for extra strength 
  • Base size 19″ – 26″ in Diameter
  • Overall height: 14″ – 19″
From $104.00 to $254.00

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How To Clean Your Outdoor Umbrella​

How To Clean Your Outdoor Umbrella

How To Clean Your Outdoor Umbrella

How To Clean Your Outdoor Umbrella

Over time, umbrellas that are kept outside, especially those not kept under any overhead covering, get exposed to the elements (sun, rain, snow, etc.) and can start to look a little worn. 

Your outdoor patio umbrellas and even cabanas with outdoor fabric, should be cleaned regularly. 

How to Clean An Outdoor Patio Umbrella 

Follow these steps if your outdoor umbrella gets dirty or has unsightly mildew or mold stains to get your umbrella looking like new again.

  • Using a soft bristle brush, remove any loose dirt, leaves and other debris.
  • Make a cleaning solution by diluting a gentle laundry detergent in warm water and using the soft bristle brush to clean the umbrella fabric working in small areas in circular motions.
  • Once you’ve cleaned the umbrella’s entire surface area, allow to sit for 15 minutes to loosen the dirt and grime.
  • Rinse the surface well with a hose or a clean bucket of water, to make sure you remove any soap residue.
  • Allow the umbrella fabric to dry well in a sunny area before storing away.

What about Mildew and Mold? 

Outdoor umbrellas are prone to mold and mildew growth,  especially if they are left outdoors year round or if stored away when still wet or damp. To remove mildew or mold  from an outdoor patio umbrella follow these steps:

  • Using a soft bristle brush, remove any loose dirt and scrub the areas with mold or mildew well.
  • Mix white vinegar and warm water of equal parts in a bucket.  Using the brush, dip it into the solution and work it into the umbrella fabric (canvas) in small areas in a circular motion.
  • Continue until the mold and mildew are gone. 
  • Rinse the surface off with a hose or clean bucket of water and allow to completely dry in the sun.
  • If required, follow the above steps for a general clean.

Can I Wash my Umbrella Canopy in a Washing Machine? 

If you have a large capacity machine, and are able to remove the canopy from the umbrella frame, you can wash your canopy in your washing machine, Cold water only. Depending on wash load size, use normal amounts of mild laundry detergent and add 8 ounces (1 cup) of bleach.

Air dry only. Do NOT put the canopy in the dryer. Allow the canopy to fully dry in the sun. You can put the cleaned canopy on the frame while still damp to allow it to dry taut. 

General Outdoor Umbrella Care Tips

it’s important to clean your outdoor umbrella regularly. Patio and backyard umbrellas 

get exposed to rain, sun, dirt, debris and pollutants including bird droppings and tree sap.

When not in use such, as in the off-season, patio umbrellas are best stored away under cover and protected from the elements. If you are storing your umbrella after use, make sure it has completely dried to avoid mold and mildew growth.

To keep your outdoor patio umbrellas looking great and extending their lifespan, regularly brush off dirt, debris and cobwebs. This should be done at least monthly or more if your umbrella is placed is completely exposed and/or under trees.

To avoid staining, don’t allow mildew, sunscreen or oily tree leaves to stay on the umbrella for long periods of time. Rather, follow the above care instructions.

The best way to keep an umbrella clean is by closing them when they are not in use and using an outdoor umbrella cover.

Learn more about umbrella covers here

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Galtech Patio Umbrella Base Guide

Galtech Base buyers guide

Galtech Patio Umbrella Base Guide

Galtech’s European cast iron and Steel Plate Bases bases will secure all Galtech umbrellas in style for residential or commercial applications and come in multiple sizes and weights. 


Galtech has a variety of bases that will secure all of their umbrellas in style.

They have 3 base styles to choose from, European, Steel Plate and Wheeleds Bases.

European Bases:

  • Cast Iron.
  • 40 lbs or 75 lbs.
  • Anti-rust primer.
  • Long and short tubes provided.
  • Protective rubber feet.

Steel  Plate Bases:

  • 40, 60 or 85 lbs.
  • Anti-rust primer.
  • 40 lb is designed for 772 half wall umbrella.
  • Protective rubber feet.
  • 24” base tube available for commercial use.

Wheels Bases:

  • 95 lbs.
  • Anti-rust primer.
  • Two wheels for mobility.
  • Stainless foot plate to assist in moving base.
  • Protective rubber feet.
  • 24” base tube available for commercial use.

Frequently asked questions:

Q) What size base is recommended to free stand umbrella?
A) Galtech recommends a 75 lb. minimum base for all free standing application.

Q) What size base is recommended to mount with a table?
A) A 40 lb. base is sufficient for table mounted umbrellas.

Q) Why are there two tubes supplied with the Euro and Cast Aluminum bases?
A) They provide both long and short tubes depending on the clearance of the table support.

Q) Will the cast iron or steel plate bases rust?
A) They apply anti-rust primer under the finish coat but if the surface is scratched, rust may occur.

Q) What is the benefit of the rubber feet on the bottom of the base?
A) The protective rubber feet prevent the metal base from touching the surface of the patio.

Shop All Galtech

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What To Do with Your Umbrella in the Off-season

Galtech 792 10′ Square Deluxe Commercial Market Umbrella

What To Do with Your Umbrella in the Off-season

It’s time to get ready for the cold weather coming ahead and store your patio umbrella.

It’s now fall and winter is around the corner, at least in many parts of the country!  You should be either storing or covering your patio umbrella.  Not exactly sure how or the best way to “winterize” your umbrella? Don’t fret; we’ve compiled a list of some tips to store your patio umbrella and help make sure it’s ready for next season!

Thoroughly clean your umbrella before storing for the winter in a garage or a shed.  If patio umbrellas are stored incorrectly, mold and mildew can grow on them, leading to an unpleasant surprise the following spring when you want to set them back outside.

Once your umbrella, is clean, both the poles as well as the canopy, allow to completely dry. You don’t want to store a wet umbrella!

 Steps for storing your umbrella:

  1. Be sure you close and bind your patio umbrella properly.  Many people just close up the umbrella and tie it up with some cord.  Your outdoor patio umbrella usually comes with an attached tie to secure the canopy.  Close the umbrella, then pull each panel and fold it over the next one.  This reduces the chance of wrinkles in the fabric over the long winter.
  2. Put your bottom pole within the folded panels.  Some people just stick the bottom pole into the center of the umbrella and close it up.  This is a bad idea. The pole can damage or scratch the umbrella ribs.
  3. Cover the exposed pole edge.  This dose not have to be elaborate, a plastic bag or a folded piece of cardboard will do the trick.  This will help to protect the umbrella aluminum or connecting thread from damage.  It also keeps your hands and fingers safe!
  4. Dry your wood or bamboo umbrella completely.  Most quality wood umbrellas are treated for exposure, however, it’s always smart to make sure you wipe all the wooden parts down to make sure they are dry.  Water can cause ugly staining to wood, or even warping of the pole, if the pole is left wet.
  5. Wrap or cover your umbrella – either with a commercial umbrella cover or heavy plastic. Just putting an umbrella away in a cold garage or shed without a cover is a recipe for problems when you are ready to use again next season.
  6. Hang your umbrella if possible.  Some umbrellas come with a hook or attachment at the finial (top decorative piece) for hanging.  Take advantage of this!  It’s easy and keeps your umbrella from becoming loose in your storage area.
  1. Cross lay your umbrellas.  If you can’t hang your umbrella, if possible, lay it down on a large shelf or in a safe area.  This can keep it from accidentally falling over and damaging it. If you have more than one umbrella, then cross lay them finial to pole.  This helps keep the umbrellas snug, and saves space.

 Storing your umbrella base or stand:
As with the umbrella itself, before storing, this is the perfect time to clean your base to remove dirt. Mildew grows on dirt so clean your base with soap and water and allow to dry.

If you have a water ballast base, either completely drain, remove and store indoors, or partially drain and add 1-2 capfuls of environmentally friendly antifreeze. Then cover with tarp or heavy plastic bag.

Metal bases
– as with the umbrella itself, it is always best to store the base indoors, in a garage or shed. Wrapping the base in plastic is an additional precaution you can take. If it is impractical to move parts of the base, such as with some large cantilever or offset umbrellas that use large blocks of granite or stone to secure the base, wrap the parts of the base that will be exposed to the elements in plastic (large paint drop clothes are inexpensive and easy to cut to size.

Related Blog: Covering it or Closing it: Tips for maintaining your umbrella during down time.

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The 5 Best Outdoor Patio Umbrellas of 2021

The 5 Best Outdoor Patio Umbrellas of 2020

A quality patio umbrella will help you get the most of your outdoor environment, providing relief on hot summer days with a welcome bit of shade for your patio set. The experts here at Umbrella Specialists are standing by to help you with finding the right one for you and your family.

Picking the right outdoor patio umbrella begins with selecting the right size for the area you are looking to shade. Most umbrella canopies have a diameter of 6 feet all the way to 13 feet. Another decision is if you want a crank or push umbrella. Crank umbrellas make it easy to raise and lower the umbrella’s canopy, while a push umbrella will mean a little more work to manually lock the canopy into place.

The type of umbrellas you buy might also be affected by where you intend to put it – will it be in a table? Or will it be placed near or between chaise lounges? Perhaps you want it to shade part of your pool? Choosing between a center pole (usually placed in a table or between two chaises) and a cantilever (offset) umbrella that can be used in a variety of locations on your patio is often the first decision to make.

What shape to choose is another factor – round (octagon), square or rectangle are the typical choices one must make.

Other important considerations are the colorfastness of the canopy material, and whether it’s UV and water-resistant. Whether you invest a little or a lot in your new patio umbrella, one thing is for sure: you’ll enjoy all the shade and convenience the right umbrella can offer.

Here are 5 of the best outdoor patio umbrellas for 2020:

Bambrella’s Levante Round Bamboo Umbrella:

11.5' Levante Center Pole Umbrella
Shown Here: 11.5′ Levante Center Pole Umbrella


Bambrella Levante Round Bamboo Center Pole Patio Umbrella is Bambrella’s best selling model. The Round Bambrella Levante is a beautiful umbrella made using a single piece pole for extra strength and durability. It has simple clean lines and a contemporary feel of stainless steel and natural bamboo.

This umbrella has it all, strength, style and functionality:

  • Double pulley and rope system ensures easy operation.
  • Quality 304 stainless steel fittings.
  • Sizes from 8.5′ to 13′.
  • 5 Year guarantee on frames and hardware.
  • All umbrellas are available in a wide variety of Spuncrylic Outdoor Fabrics.

Bambrella’s Levante Side Wind Cantilever Umbrella:

Bambrella Levante Side wind Square
Shown Here: Bambrella Levante Side wind Square


If you are looking for an umbrella that is a little more versatile than a traditional center pole umbrella, the Levante Side Wind collection from Bambrella may be the perfect shade solution. Depending on your patio or an outdoor area like a deck or balcony, one of these bamboo umbrellas can give you shade in multiple locations without ever having to move the umbrella itself!

This is because the Levante Side Wind cantilever bamboo umbrella is engineered to rotate 360° about the base. With it’s high design, this offset umbrella is crafted so that one can easily tilt the canopy up to a 45° angle.

So this side pole umbrella can provide shade for a table and chairs (as pictured below) and as the sun moves in the sky, can be rotated and tilted to provide shade on another area of your patio.

Or use it to shade a double chaise lounge (second photo) and also block out sun in the nearby pool just by tilting the canopy!

8.5’ Square Levante Side Wind Cantilever Umbrella
Shown Here: 8.5’ Square Levante Side Wind Cantilever Umbrella


Fiberbuilt 7.5′ 6 Rib Hexagon / Round Patio Umbrella with Crank:


If you are looking for value at a modest price point, look no further than this traditional patio umbrella from Fiberbuilt.

These light-duty 7.5-foot hexagonal Patio umbrellas feature market style spun poly canopies, and a two-piece, 1.5″ diameter aluminum pole with a .065 (1.65 mm) wall thickness. Can be used for both in-table and freestanding use. These budget-friendly market style umbrellas provide years of shaded comfort to backyards and pool decks. (Not designed for high wind locations).
Featuring powder coated frame for a long lasting and fade resistant finish, these umbrellas are available in either a white or champagne bronze pole finish. Chose from 6 vibrant furniture grade acrylic fabric canopies designed to resist mold and fading. These umbrellas carry a 5-year warranty on the fiberglass support ribs and a 1-year upholstery warranty. A push button tilt mechanism allows for two different tilt angles.
RECAP: As always which umbrella you should choose as the perfect shade solution and to accompany your outdoor patio furniture depends on many considerations. See our The Shade Blog for a variety of topics that will help you with your decision.

We hope you will enjoy browsing the huge selection here on our website but we love speaking to our customers to help them every step of the way in picking the perfect umbrella or canopy for their backyard or patio.

Our outdoor shade experts are just a phone call away so give us a call at 954-376-3766. We look forward to speaking with you!

Our team of umbrella specialists strives to make purchasing a patio umbrella a simple and positive experience for the consumer.
As authorized Bambrella distributor we carry a wide selection of premium Bambrella shade products which can be enjoyed with confidence for years to come.

The Galtech 13’ Cantilever (Offset) Umbrella:

Galtech 899 Cantilever outdoor patio umbrella
Shown Here: Galtech 899 Cantilever outdoor patio umbrella

Everyone knows the expression “Go big or go home”! Well with this thirteen footer from Galtech, you can go big and “stay” home!
The 13-foot side pole offset (cantilever) umbrella can throw a huge amount of shade for your patio, backyard or outdoor living room.

This beautiful shade product comes in two classic pole finishes: Black or Antique Bronze. You can select from a choice of 7 vibrant Sunbrella® fabric selections with a 5 year warranty for the umbrella canopy on the quick ship option, or pick one of the 46 selections available as a special order.

Key features:

  • Easy Lift – Simply lift handle up to open
  • Easy Tilt – Tilt left or right by turning tilt wheel
  • Steel Cable lift
  • Solid Resin Hubs
  • Fillable Base with retractable wheels
  • Double walled Aluminum ribs for additional strength
  • Residential applications (requires truck shipment)
  • Ideal shade coverage: up to 96″ tables
  • All Canopies are Double Wind Vent
  • Base holds 2 bags of Gravel
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Why Buy FiberBuilt


Why Buy FiberBuilt?

Dedication to Research and Development has made FiberBuilt the leader in the industry.

Founded in 2000, FiberBuilt Umbrellas, Inc. was established with the goal of producing the most innovative and durable umbrellas for the hospitality industry. We saw the shortcomings of steel and wood ribbed umbrellas and understood the needs that hoteliers and restaurateurs had for durable umbrellas that would hold up to harsh weather conditions. Taking inspiration from the performance of high end sport fishing equipment, we created a product line superior to anything else on the market.

A New Approach To Umbrellas

Umbrellas of the past have always been made with “traditional” materials like wood and steel. The only problem is, they are not very flexible, and they don’t maintain their shape if the wind warps them. Fiberbuilt was established to address these problems, producing the most innovative and durable umbrellas for the hospitality industry.

Just like high-end sport fishing equipment is designed to bend in order to withstand the force of a live fish pulling on the other end, umbrellas should bend with the wind and maintain their shape afterwards, too.

Built for Your Comfort

For twenty years we have pushed the envelope of umbrella design with flexible fiberglass ribs, rust resistant hardware, and other structural and design improvements – all in an effort to improve day-to-day performance and increase the longevity of your investment.

This dedication to Research and Development has made FiberBuilt the leader in the industry.

Today, our resilient, contract quality umbrellas can be found at resorts, country clubs, timeshares and condominiums, as well as hotels and restaurants across the country, throughout the Caribbean and around the world. We serve both demanding, high traffic commercial environments as well as discerning homeowners looking for superior quality at reasonable price points, who can find our product line at various stores and online retailers.

As we continue to grow, our passion to manufacture the highest quality shade products and cushions will never waver. Our dedication to customer satisfaction through superior service and continuous innovation will remain our top priority. FiberBuilt’s umbrellas are Built to Last, are made to order, and provide a custom designed patch of shade for every location and budget.


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What You Should Keep in Mind When Buying an Outdoor Patio Umbrella.

887 897 galtech umbrella

What You Should Keep in Mind When Buying an Outdoor Patio Umbrella

Don’t Buy Cheap Umbrellas

Adding the right shade product to your outdoor space is an important decision. The experts here at Umbrella Specialists are standing by to help you with finding the right one for you and your family.

Here are some of the top considerations / tips when making this important purchase to add the perfect umbrella for your outdoor patio, balcony, terrace, and pool area.

Quality / Budget

The first consideration, regardless of your budget should be quality. In a word: This doesn’t mean you have to spend a fortune on a good one but the old saying “you get what you pay for”, is especially true with an umbrella which typically is exposed to the elements: wind, rain, sun and in some cases, salt air.

Whatever your budget it, make sure the brand stands behind their product. Many “good deals” you see in a big box store or even online aren’t as good as they seemed. If you’ve ever been tempted to buy a cheap patio umbrella from a big box store, you probably learned this lesson the hard way – the canopy fabric fades and tears, canopy ribs break and are not replaceable, pulley systems bind up or break, and the lightweight umbrella base was not enough to keep the umbrella from flying up and out of your yard. If the patio is a place where you plan to spend any real quality time, invest in a patio umbrella that will stand up to the elements and provide shade for years to come.

Climate / Wind Resistance

What type of climate do you live in?

Windy Areas – Umbrella canopies are not unlike the sail on a boat, so locations with high wind require certain considerations. Wind gusts can bend or break canopy ribs, snap poles, or pull umbrellas out of their bases and send them flying three doors down. If you live in a windy area, here are some things to consider:

  • Buy a quality patio umbrella with flexible, replaceable canopy ribs, a large diameter pole, and an extra-heavy base.
  • Keep your umbrella closed when not in use. And an umbrella cover can really help increase the life of the canopy.

Seaside areas – If you live near the ocean, consider a patio umbrella with an aluminum pole that will not rust or deteriorate from the moist, salty air. Look for canopies available in fabrics that are UV-protected, resistant to mildew, and easy to clean.

High Altitude – Higher altitudes mean closer proximity to the sun and more intense rays beaming down on your umbrella canopy. Over time, this can result in fading and accelerated deterioration. All of our umbrella canopies are designed for intense outdoor sun, but Sunbrella fabrics in particular are renowned for their enduring color and UV protection, and offer a 5-year warranty against fading, mildew, and more. Spuncrylic fabrics carry a 2-year warrenty.

Depending on the area you live the wind factor will be different. But it is probably the most important consideration when choosing an umbrella because if it can’t hold up to the amounts of wind you get in your area, the color doesn’t really matter! So with that in mind choose an umbrella that won’t blow over in a strong gust of wind. Getting the right base is equally important and is discussed here.

Some of our Bambrella brand products are rated up to 78 mph for areas that really get a lot of wind, like off a lake or on the ocean.

Coverage and Size – What do you want to shade?

Whether you plan to shade a full table or just a pair of chairs, aim to cover an additional two feet on each side. So, if you have a round table that’s 48 inches in diameter, you’ll want an umbrella that’s at least 8 feet in diameter. This is just a general guideline.

For 2-8 person dining tables, a traditional market umbrella is probably the best choice. These umbrellas feature a center pole that mounts through a hole in the center of your dining table and rests in a weighted base. These umbrellas feature ribbed canopies and can be opened and closed via a crank or simple pulley system. Available in sizes up to 13 ft. in diameter, many market umbrellas have a tilt feature for optimum shade throughout the day. The canopies are available in a variety of fabric grades and colors.

Tip: For proper coverage, choose a canopy that is 5 ft. larger in diameter than the area you want to shade.

NOTE: Umbrella diameter / pole size: Make sure the umbrella you get has the right hole size for the table it will go in. While most patio tables are have a standard umbrella hole of approximately 2 inches, some tables have bigger holes and a standard umbrella will move around too much in these tables. Conversely some umbrellas ONLY come in large pole diameters and won’t fit in a standard table.

Depending on the areas you want to cover, a cantilever also known, as an offset umbrella might be the perfect shade solution. These umbrellas not only rotate on their base to offer coverage in adjacent areas but much tilt as well allowing you to change the angle of the canopy as the sun moves.

Bambrella Levante Side Wind (Offset) Bamboo Patio Umbrellas
Bambrella Levante Side Wind (Offset) Bamboo Patio Umbrellas


Although most outdoor patio umbrellas average seven or eight feet high, if you’re on the taller side, or someone in your family is, you might want to go higher. Many center pole umbrellas have an option for a “bar height” pole which will raise the height of the canopy to fit in a bar or high top table.

Tilt Method

As the sun changes positions in the sky during the day, it’s important to be able to change the position of the umbrella canopy. You can generally pick between a collar tilt, crank tilt, and a push-button tilt; these vary in ease of use. One of our outdoor experts can help you choose the right one for you.

As discussed above, an offset / cantilever umbrella can provide tilt coverage and like standard center pole umbrellas, there are different methods of titling functionality.


Umbrellas come in a few basic varieties of materials: Aluminum, Natural Bamboo and Wood (teak).

Aluminum: Umbrellas made from aluminum are rust free and are available in different finishes from a chrome look to powder coated colors (bronze, black gold etc.) These durable products will withstand the harshest environments.

Bamboo: Umbrella Specialist is proud to carry Bambrella’s line of Natural Bamboo Umbrellas. Different from wood, Bamboo is the fastest growing plant in the world, able to grow on 80% of the world’s surface. Sustainable and renewable bamboo minimizes impact on the environment and there is no illegal logging or deforestation. Made from 100% solid laminated Moso bamboo strips Bambrella’s bamboo umbrellas are naturally strong and very durable, with a tensile strength similar to steel. They are resistant to warping, splitting, rot, mold and mildew with No splinters or leaching.

Wood: Umbrellas made from wood can come in different types of hardwoods, including teak. A good wood umbrella, such as one from Galtech will have up to six layers of marine grade varnish to protect and beautify the wood. Teak wood offers great durability, beauty & strength and is one of the best materials for an umbrella. Teak requires little or low maintenance depending entirely on the look you want. If left untreated, it will weather to a silvery grey color, but will keep its durability and strength for years to come. Treating it with teak oil, varnish or other finish, will enable it to keep is new bright honey golden color.


Don’t forget to coordinate your new umbrella with your other patio furniture. You don’t have to match everything perfectly, but keep the other pieces in mind so your new umbrella doesn’t clash. The brands we carry at Umbrellas Specialists have a wide selection of outdoor fabrics in everything from classic solids to vibrant stripes!

Replaceable Parts

Even with proper care and maintenance, there is the old expression “Stuff Happens” for a reason. If nothing else, a reason to purchase your umbrella from Umbrella Specialists is that on all our high quality brands, the parts are replaceable. So if an umbrella component such as a rib, hub, or cable should break for some reason, you aren’t left out in the cold the way you would be if you bought that “deal” you saw at a Big Box Store.


While they vary from brand to brand and can differ depending on usage (commercial / residential) our manufacturers offer some of the best warranties in the industry.

So if you want to purchase the right umbrella for your outdoor living area, give us a call today at (954) 376-3766. Our experts are standing by to help you along every step of the way to get you the perfect shade solution.

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What Shape is Your Outdoor Patio Umbrella?

What Shape Is Your Outdoor Patio Umbrella?

Getting Your Patio “In Shape” with the Right Umbrella!


More than ever, especially with what is going on in the world, people is spending time at home. And as we movie into summer, for many, it’s time to give your patio, balcony, terrace, veranda some love. Maybe you already have outdoor furniture or maybe you just got your delivery and are in the process of setting up an outdoor living room – either way – often, the last purchase is a shade product – an umbrella or in some cases, an outdoor pavilion.

There are all sorts of decisions to make when choosing the right umbrellas: size, material (aluminum, wood, bamboo etc.) style (center pole or cantilever, also known as offset), canopy color, and of course: shape! Choosing the right shaped umbrella while seemingly and easy decision can be a little confusing. So we set out to explain the 4 basic shapes of umbrellas and recommend a few of our best sellers in each category.

The four basic umbrella shapes are: 

There is no right or wrong when it comes to deciding which shape umbrella to get! Most often the shape decision is based on the area of your patio to be shaded!

So if you are trying to cover a table, typically the shape (and size) is based on the size of the table. If your dining table is round, and you are using a table umbrella you usually go with a round / octagon umbrella that is large enough to shade the entire table and chairs.

If you have a square table, more popular in commercial settings like an outdoor seating area at a restaurant, but square tables are sometimes used in residential applications, a square umbrella is typically the choice.

The same consideration applies to rectangular and oval dining table settings and fortunately our manufacturers have a plethora of great oval and rectangle umbrellas

When shading a seating area such as an outdoor living room or chaise lounges the same considerations apply and the simple rule of thumb is to find the right shape to cover the area being shaded. So for example, if you were trying to give overhead shade to two side-by-side chaise lounges, a square umbrella with the right base placed in between them would likely be a good choice. If you had 3 or even 4 chaises, a larger rectangular umbrella would provide greater coverage.

Shading on the side: one of our most popular shade solutions is an offset umbrella also known as side pole or cantilever. These versatile umbrellas allow you to shade multiple areas by using their rotating and tilting features. Similar considerations to a dining area apply.

A good example would be that a properly placed offset umbrella could shade a dining area and then be rotated on its axis to provide shade for either a seating area or some chaise lounges and the right shape to choose would be determined by the configurations of both settings. And like center pole umbrellas, offset / cantilever umbrellas come in round / octagon, square and rectangle.

Here are some of our best sellers – and remember – the outdoor experts at are standing by to help you with all your shade questions. We love helping our customers make their purchases so give us a call at 954-376-3766.


We all learn shapes as children but choosing a “round” umbrella can sometimes be confusing because different manufactures refer to their umbrellas using a different description for the same shaped umbrella.

Here is the best way to explain it.
Round Umbrellas, depending on the size either has canopies with 8 or 6 panels or sides. So geometrically speaking, “round” umbrellas are actually octagons (8 sides) or hexagons (6 sides).

Are you confused? Don’t be! Whether the manufacture calls it a “round” umbrella or an “octagon” – it is the same thing!

Round Umbrellas come in sizes from 6’ all the way up to 13’ round. We offer Round Umbrellas in both Center Pole varieties, which can be used in a table or as a free-standing umbrellas and Round Offset or Cantilever Umbrellas.

Here are some of our best Round / Octagon / Hexagon shaped umbrellas:


Square Umbrellas come in sizes as small as a 6’ Café Style Umbrella all the way up to 11’ Square. We offer Square Umbrellas in both center pole varieties, which can be used in a table or as a free standing umbrellas and Square Offset or Cantilever Umbrellas.


Square Umbrellas come in sizes as small as a 3.5’ x 7’ Half Wall Umbrella all the way up to 8.5’ x 11.5’ Rectangle. We offer Rectangle Umbrellas in both center pole varieties, which can be used in a table or as a free standing umbrellas and Rectangle Offset or Cantilever Umbrellas.


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The Best 6 Patio Umbrellas For Tables

The Best 6 Patio Umbrellas For Tables

Which Umbrella is Best for You!

The Best 6 Patio Umbrellas For Tables

Which Umbrella is Best for You!

Whether you just got your new set of outdoor patio furniture delivered, or it’s finally warm enough where you live to start spending quality time outside, one of the most important factors in creating the perfect outdoor space is:  “What umbrella should I choose for my table and chairs”?

This article will help you make that decision. And if you are looking for an umbrella for a different spot on your patio – no worries! We will cover that in another blog!

Shop Our Exciting New 2021 Patio Umbrellas!
Order now - demand is high and supplies are limited.

The first factor in choosing the perfect umbrella for you tables is usually what size umbrella to get?

A few factors will help determine this. The first consideration is table size. You certainly want an umbrella that will not only cover the table but also provide the right amount of shade for the people sitting around it.

A simple rule of thumb for patio umbrella sizing is that your patio umbrella should extend over the table by 2 feet on each side.

Here are some size suggestions:

7.5′ – 9′ Umbrella

  • Pair with a 36″ – 48″ table set
  • Accommodates six to seven people standing

9.5′ – 11′ Umbrella:

  • Pair with a 48″ – 60″ table set
  • Accommodates seven to eight people standing

11.5′ to Over 13′:

  • Pair with a 60″ – 72″ table set
  • Accommodates nine to 10 people standing

The next consideration is shape:

The easiest way to decide on which umbrella shape to choose is by complementing the furniture your umbrella will be covering.

If it will be covering a square table, make the canopy square as well. If your table is round then go with round or hexagonal umbrellas for full coverage. And for oval or rectangle tables, we offer large umbrellas to cover this type of seating arrangement.

Table Hole Size:

If you are using the umbrella with a table, make sure the hole is large enough to accommodate the umbrella’s pole diameter. We have umbrellas in all size pole diameters from 1.5 inches to as big as 2.25 inches!

Not all patio umbrellas are created equal! There are a variety of fabrics, frame materials, lift methods, tilt features, and canopy styles:

Here are 6 awesome umbrellas available on

Bambrella’s Levante Center Pole premium umbrellas are available in various sizes ranging from 6.5 feet to as large as 13 feet, and in three canopy shapes: RoundSquare and Rectangle.

Made using a single-piece pole for extra strength and durability, it possesses simple, clean, classic lines with the contemporary feel of stainless steel and natural bamboo. The double pulley and rope system ensures easy raising and lowering of the umbrella, even on the largest of models.

Levante umbrellas incorporate a turned bamboo hub and runner with 304 stainless steel brackets, a bamboo finial and an elegant, practical hour glass shaped pin made from bamboo and stainless steel. The covers are attached using a bolt-down stainless steel rib end protector system, or, alternatively, sewn pockets are available. The ribs and supporting arms are fitted with stainless steel through bolts making all the parts easily interchangeable

The Levante 10′ Square Center Pole Bamboo Umbrella provides the perfect shade solution for a large dining table. Available in a variety of colors!

Bambrella Levante Square Umbrella

This Bambrella Center Pole Umbrella is the perfect complement for a teak dining table arrangement!

Bambrella Levante Rectangle patio Umbrella

Bambrella Sirocco Umbrellas have a two-piece pole so that the umbrella pole can be split. This allows for easy storage and ease of transportation. The pole connector is made from stainless steel and the screw system is extremely strong. The hub and runner are made from nylon, and are designed so that they can be split in half. This permits the arms to be replaced quite easily.

This umbrella features a patented cleat system instead of using a pin to hold up the umbrella. This enables one to have the shade at different heights.

The Sirocco Umbrella is the ideal choice for cafes, restaurants, hotels and other such hospitality settings.
This dependable umbrella is equally at home on any residential patio or lawn, versatile easy to use and low maintenance, a great all round shade solution.

Galtech offers a myriad of umbrellas for every table configuration. From small umbrellas for café tables to large umbrellas, these shade products are available in every size and shape you might want. Tilt and crank mechanisms vary so once you decide on the size and shape you need you can browse the selections featured here on our site to find the perfect umbrella for you patio table.

Galtech’s 11 Deluxe Auto-Tilt Aluminum Umbrella With Thatched Canopy

If you need a lot of shade this is the perfect umbrella for you. This 11′ Aluminum patio umbrella by Galtech creates enough shade to cover a large patio table or outdoor bar. The best feature of this umbrella is the Deluxe Auto Tilt cranking mechanism that makes tilting this large canopy as easy as a few turns of the crank gone are the days of climbing on tables fighting a push button to tilt your umbrella. A tilting canopy allows you to maximize the amount time in shade by tilting the canopy towards the direction of the sun when it is low in the sky.

The corrosion resistant powder coated finish means your umbrella will look like new for years to come. With the large selection of fabric colors available you are sure to match your look of your patio furniture.

What if my table has no hole or I don’t want the umbrella going through the middle of the table?

This is a great question! Some tables come with no hole. Or maybe you want a multifunctional umbrella that can be used to shade that table area, but also can shade another spot on your patio or outdoor area.

An Offset or Cantilevered umbrella might just be the perfect shade solution for you!

Offset umbrellas, sometimes known as side pole, are versatile shade products that offer great protection from the sun but can do much more than a traditional, center pole umbrella.

Here are a few offset scenarios to show you what can be done with one of these amazing products.

We have many more here on our site – Click here to see all Cantilevered Umbrellas.

The Levante Side Wind Cantilever Bamboo Umbrell
a – yes this umbrella is Plant Based and is engineered to rotate 360° about the base. With its high design, this offset umbrella is crafted so that one can easily tilt the canopy up to a 45° angle. Shown here in Ice White fabric but available in 10 other beautiful and durable Spuncrylic® fabrics!

These twin Bambrella Levante 11’ Square Side Wind Umbrellas look stunning on this gorgeous patio deck!

Bambrella’s Hurricane Side Winds are side-pole rust proof aluminum umbrellas, designed for use in both the commercial and domestic markets.

The Hurricane Side Wind Cantilever Umbrella is engineered to rotate 360° about the base. With a unique design, this offset umbrella is made so the canopy can be tilted up to a 45° angle.

And don’t forget the umbrella base or stand! You need a base heavy enough to support the umbrella so it can’t knock over the table if there is any wind. And it is recommended that when your umbrella is not being used, you close it and cover it with an umbrellas cover.

  • Click here to see our Base Guide!

The best way to protect your umbrella canopy and get longer use from it is with an umbrella cover!

Click here to see our umbrella Covers.

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Bambrella Levante Side Wind Assembly Video

How to build a Bambrella Levante Umbrella

Bambrella Levante Side Wind Assembly Video

Step by Step Video Build Instructions 


Your new Bambrella Levante Side Wind Bamboo Umbrella just arrived! Now What? 

Once you’ve determined the location for your umbrella, move the boxes to this spot on your patio or deck. Now it’s time to set up your new shade solution. Packaged together with your umbrella, bases and the parts you will need to assemble is a print out. This is also available online in PDF format.

This helpful Bambrella Levante Side Wind Assembly Video is designed to guide you through each step and once your umbrella is built.

We’d love to see a picture of your finished installation. Send  your pictures to!

About The Umbrella:
Bambrella®’s Levante Side Wind collection is a side pole (also called offset or cantilever) umbrella. This umbrella is designed for use in both the commercial and domestic markets.

The umbrella can be removed from the base, and then relocated to another spot. It is still best to take some time to determine the best location.

The Levante Side Wind cantilever bamboo umbrella is engineered to rotate 360° about the base.

With its high design, this offset umbrella is crafted so that one can easily tilt the canopy up to a 45° angle. This means that by strategically placing your umbrella in the right location, you can use it to provide shade for multiple spots!
Some customers place it near the shallow end of their pool, so that when the sun is directly overhead, people wading in the pool are protected from the sun. Then later, as the sun shifts location, they rotate their umbrella and tilt the canopy to provide shade protection from the afternoon sun. Now as they dine at a nearby table and chairs, they are made in the shade!

Or if the area you want to shade get’s morning sun, the canopy can be tilted in such a way as to provide shade on the opposite end of the patio!

That’s what makes this product so great! It’s versatility!

If you have any questions about the Bambrella Levante Side Wind Assembly Video call 954-376-3766.

See more helpful videos on the Umbrella Specialist YouTube Channel!

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How to Choose the Right Umbrella for Your Patio?


How to Choose the Right Umbrella for Your Patio

So you’ve picked out your patio furniture and maybe it’s even set up, what’s next?

Many times, an umbrella is an afterthought. But protecting you and your family from the harsh rays of the sun and the sweltering summer heat is important.

This guide will help you find the best umbrellas for your outdoor living space!

The first step is determining where your new umbrella will go and what area you are trying to throw shade on!

Center Pole (Table) Umbrellas:

If your umbrella is needed to go in table, the first determination is what size hole your table has. Umbrellas come in various pole diameter sizes, ranging from 1.5” all the way to as big as 2.25”, so you don’t want to get one that won’t fit through the hole in your table!

If you don’t want your umbrella directly in the center of your table, another option is to have an offset or cantilevered umbrella next to the table (discussed more below). This option gives you greater flexibility but is somewhat less traditional and many people prefer having one umbrella just for the dining area.

When choosing an umbrella to go directly in the table the next step is to determine the size and shape you will need to adequately provide shade for the seating area.

If your table is round or square, there are a myriad of square and round umbrellas for a table, some as big as 13 feet, but again, the larger ones have bigger pole diameters so be sure that you check the pole size before ordering. If your table is a rectangle or oval, we offer large rectangle umbrellas as well. Same pole size considerations apply.

Seating areas:

If you’re looking to provide shade for an area aside from a dining table, for example, chaise lounges, or a outdoor seating, a plethora of options exist!

While a traditional center pole umbrella placed in between two chaise lounges with a freestanding base will do the trick, another option is to go with an offset (side pole) or cantilevered umbrella.

Depending on the make and model, an offset umbrella offers not only great shade coverage but also flexibility. Properly placed, these unique umbrellas are able to rotate 360 degrees, so they can shade more than one seating area or even a portion of a pool, without moving the umbrella!

So for example, you could place a cantilever umbrella so that it can cover both the spa section of your pool or rotate to cover nearby chaise lounges.

These unique shade products can not only rotate, but also tilt as much as 45 degrees, so as the sun moves from one side of your backyard or patio, by rotating and tilting the umbrella canopy, you can block the sun and create a shaded area in another section of your outdoor environment!

Cantilever Umbrellas:

Like their center pole counterparts, offset umbrellas come in round, square and rectangular canopy shapes and in a variety of sizes from 8.5 feet to as big as 13 feet! They are available in both aluminum and natural bamboo frames with a huge selection of canopy color choices.

Canopy Selection:

Depending on the make and model, our manufactures offer excellent choices in both color and grade of outdoor fabric. These durable products are built to withstand the environment but we strongly recommend purchasing an umbrella cover to extend the life of your canopy. And most canopies are easily replaced down the line, should this need arise. Many manufacturers offer Sunbella® fabrics discussed more here.

Umbrella Base:

While some umbrellas come with a base, most require this as an add on item, so be sure to make sure you have the proper base to keep your umbrella grounded. This article will assist you with choosing the right base for your umbrella and also discuss in ground mounting options!

The Shade Experts at Umbrella Specialist are here to assist you through every step of the process. Give us a call at
954-376-3766 and tell us about your patio so we can help chose the perfect shade solution!

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Which Umbrella Base Should I Choose?

Gray Granite & Stainless Steel Umbrella Base

Which Umbrella Base Should I Choose?

When you see a base shown as “30-pound” or “50-pound,” that usually indicates how heavy the base will be when it’s filled with water or sand. A heavier weight is better for steadying a larger umbrella in windy conditions.

An umbrella is a necessary accessory for anyone spending of time outside, especially in the summer months. The right umbrella shields you from the sun, preventing burns and providing much-needed relief from the heat.

So you’ve purchased an umbrella as a shade solution for your patio.  What’s next?

Umbrellas don’t just stay anchored to the ground on their own – they require the right base to keep them from going awry.

An “umbrellas base” or “umbrella stand”, as they are sometimes referred to, might be an afterthought when you are planning your outdoor area, but it’s a necessary one to avoid having your umbrellas launching into a neighbor’s backyard on a windy afternoon.

Many times, an umbrella base is too light for an umbrella. However, the correct weighted base and umbrella will not only offer a finished look for you outdoor area, but peace of mind when you are under the umbrella and the wind or breeze picks up.

You can permanently mount an umbrella base to your patio floor or deck. If mobility and flexibility are your main goals, there are plenty of stylish freestanding or under-the-table options for all types of umbrellas

Here are some considerations when shopping for a base or stand:

Online, you will many times see the phrases “umbrella base” and “umbrella stand” used interchangeably so what is the actual difference? Usually, an umbrella “base” is for use under a table, while a “stand” is usually heavier and free standing. However, both kinds of holders are used in various outdoor locations.

Some Important Terms

Weight when filled:

When you see a base shown as “30-pound” or “50-pound,” that usually indicates how heavy the base will be when it’s filled with water or sand. A heavier weight is better for steadying a larger umbrella in windy conditions.


The majority of umbrella bases are 20 inches in diameter. This ensures that they fit under tables without posing a tripping hazard. It’s not the diameter of a base that steadies a larger umbrella; it’s the weight of the base when it’s filled that matters most.

Pole size:

Smaller umbrellas have thinner pole diameters, typically from 1 3/8 inches to 1 1/2 inches. The average size of an umbrella pole is usually 1.5 inches in diameter. Larger umbrellas, such as 11- and 13-foot canopies, have larger pole diameters, from 1 1/2 inches to 2.5 inches in diameter.

Before purchasing, it makes sense to know the diameter of your umbrella pole and the circumference of the umbrella canopy. Occasionally, a large umbrella canopy comes with a smaller-than-expected pole diameter.

Fill options:

Decide if you want to fill a base with water or sand or if you prefer to have a solid base that is not fillable. Water may make a taller base slightly unstable or wobbly, especially when moving it around. This happens because water is not as dense and stable as sand filling.


The material a base is made from usually indicates how durable it will be over time. Cast iron bases are heavy but can rust in high humidity. Powder-coated steel bases weighted with concrete may rust over time, leaving marks on your deck or patio. Concrete bases won’t rust or crack, but you can’t always add filler. Heavy-duty molded resin and plastic bases won’t rust, flake, or crack.


Materials: Umbrella bases can be made from a variety of materials. The most popular choices are: cast iron, steel, concrete, and molded resin (heavy-duty plastic).

Locking pole sleeve: Some umbrella bases have a pole that extends up from the base and acts as a sleeve for the umbrella pole. The base sleeve secures the pole with a locking mechanism or thumbscrews.

Water plug: You’ll need to drain a water-filled base at when storing if you live in an seasonal area. Look for one with a water plug that’s easy to reach but is hidden or blends in with the rest of the base.

Feet: If you prefer a base without wheels, rubber pads beneath the holder will minimize scratches on your deck or patio.

Wheels: If you need to move your umbrella often, when the sun shifts, you may appreciate a freestanding, wheeled umbrella base with locking castors. Usually, only two of the wheels lock into place, which is enough for stability.

Design: Cast iron and resin bases often have a decorative design such as a pattern or swirl, or a floral print carved or molded into them for a touch of style.

Color: Bases are often constructed to match patio sets that have metallic finishes. For a pop of color, there are tinted concrete bases.


  • Online you will see a common formula to determine out how heavy your umbrella stand should be in relation to your umbrella, simply multiply the width of your umbrella by 10. For example, an umbrella that’s nine feet wide needs a stand that weighs a minimum of 90 pounds when filled. However, it is important to note that other factors such as location, the frequency of high winds and elevation, should be taken into account. It is always wise to consult the umbrella manufacturer’s recommendation for the right size/weight base or stand for their product.
  • Umbrella stands that weigh 50 pounds or less when filled are considered lightweight and could cause your umbrella to lift up when it’s windy. Use this type of stand underneath an umbrella table for extra support but consider the other environmental factors in your location.
  • Cantilevered, or offset, patio umbrellas require specialized heavy-duty bases designed to fit over the existing crossbar base. Bases typically have a set of four connected “plates” that hold concrete “paver” to weigh down the crossbars.

Final Thoughts: If you have spent time and money choosing the perfect umbrella for your outdoor environmental, do the proper research to find the right base for your investment.

The experts at Umbrella Specialist are here to help you make the right choices. Call us at 954-376-3766.

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Square vs Round, which shape has the most shade explained?

Patio Umbrella

Square vs Round:

Which Umbrella Throws More Shade?

Square vs Round

Which Umbrella Throws More Shade?

When choosing the right umbrellas for your patio, balcony, terrace, or any outdoor area  many factors come into play: Size, type; center pole or offset (cantilever), color and brand.

While the location your umbrella will be placed is often the first consideration, the primary decision is what size and shape to purchase since most manufacturers offer similar sizes and colors.

The shape and size of your umbrella – octagon, square or rectangle will determine how much shade coverage your area will receive.While most companies refer to umbrellas as “round” they are actually “octagons”.

So when you compare a 10 foot square umbrella to a 10 foot round/octagon umbrella the numbers tell the full picture.

A 10 foot square umbrella has a shade are of 100 square feet while a Round/Octagon has approximately 71 square feet. So a square will give you almost 30% MORE shade coverage.

If you are looking for maximum shade protection: a square umbrella is the way go!

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How to care for your patio umbrella

Bambrella Levante Sidewind Patio Umbrella

Here are some great tips for cleaning and caring for your patio umbrella.

How To Clean The Canopy

All our fabrics are engineered to combine the highest level of design and performance. For easy day-to-day maintenance of your Sunbrella or Spuncylic fabric:

  1. Brush off loose dirt.
  2. Spray on a cleaning solution of water and mild soap.
  3. Use a soft bristle brush to clean.
  4. Allow cleaning solution to soak into the fabric.
  5. Rinse thoroughly until all soap residue is removed.
  6. Air dry.

Caring For Your Aluminum Frame

With easy regular maintenance, aluminum patio umbrellas will provide years of shade. Cleaning with mild soap and water, the follow up with a good rinsing and drying with a towel is all you should need to do. Don’t use abrasive materials, cleansers or bleach these will damage the aluminum. Also try not to allow dirt to build up as it will be harder to clean over time. If you see that calcium is building up on your aluminum patio umbrella you can use 1 part white distilled vinegar to 9 parts water to remove it. Also, be sure to test your solution on small area first to make sure it doesn’t damage you frame.

What to do during storm.

There is no need to take your down patio umbrella during an after thunderstorm but you should always close it when not in use. When winds reach more than 15 to 20 mph it best to close the your umbrella. Better safe, than sorry we say. If a more substantial storm is approaching, with gale force winds or more, it’s best to take down your umbrella.

Get yourself a cover!

An umbrella cover is a small investment that keeps your canopy free from dirt and mildew and helps the colors from fading over time too.
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Sunbrella Fabric Options


Our Sunbrella® Fabric Options

Add any Sunbrella® fabric color to your umbrella purchase!

Sunbrella® fabrics are inspired by rich color palettes, cultivated trend stories and an array of textures. Discover our color option and get inspired.

Any Bambrella or Galtech patio umbrella can be ordered with a Sunbrella® Fabric option.

Sunbrella® fabric are 100% solution dyed acrylic, they combine resistance, comfort and ease of maintenance. Sunbrella® quality is renowned in the professional world of furniture where it has many different applications.

Sunbrella® superior pigments are added during the production of fade-resistant Sunbrella® fiber. The final result is Sunbrella® yarn and fabric with color through out that won’t fade or wash away.

Sunbrella®fabrics are amazingly easy to maintain, and most spills can be cleaned with mild soap and water. For tough stains, bleach can be used without gear of damaging the fabric or removing the color.

When ordering a Sunbrella® color, please call 954-376-3766 for assistance.

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How To Measure A Patio Umbrella

Galtech 132 Patio Umbrella

How to Measure Patio Umbrellas

Measure twice, buy once!

How To Measure Patio Umbrellas?

First, open your umbrella and make certain it’s completely extended. Then measure from the top of the patio umbrella along one of the ribs or arms that extent from the center hub. Measure that distance from the center hub to end of the rib or arm. Then simply multiply that number by 2, that is the size of your umbrella.

For example, if your umbrella has ribs that are 5 feet long, then you have a 10 foot patio umbrella. Remember patio umbrellas are measured by canopy width not overall height.

Another important measurement to know is the “Crank Height”.

This measurement is called the crank height. You may need to know this if you are buying an umbrella for a taller table, like a bar height table.

The “Crank Height” is the distance from the base of the umbrella pole to the cranking mechanism, if it has one.

The beautiful patio umbrella featured in our graphic, is the Bambrella Levante Center Pole, it doesn’t not have a crank, but many center pole umbrellas from our Galtech collection do, so the “Crank Height” can be an important measurement. Why? Well consider if you are going to be using your umbrellas in a table, the height of your table needs to be shorter than your “Crank Height”. 

How to Measure a Patio Umbrella
Click to Enlarge
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Protecting Your Patio Umbrella with a Bambrella Protective Cover

Protecting Your Patio Umbrella

Using the Bambrella Protective Cover


When your umbrella is not in use, keep it safe with a protective cover.

Bambrella’s range of protective covers are specially designed to protect umbrellas and ensure the frame and cover keep their color. The covers are Ideal for storage during the winter months and bad weather.

Using Bambrella’s easy design, the protective covers come with telescopic arms that make it easy to use whether your umbrella is up or down.

Play Video
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Patio Umbrella Parts 101: A comprehensive guide to Patio Umbrella parts

Patio Umbrella Parts 101

Patio Umbrella Parts 101

Everything you need to know before you buy.

Patio Umbrella Parts 101:

A comprehensive guide to Patio Umbrella parts.

Have you ever wondered what a finial is?
Do you understand the difference between a runner and a rib?
Ain’t nobody got time for that!

We understand that not everyone can be a umbrella specialist, so we created this info-graphic to help you understand all those terms you need to know when ordering a patio umbrella.

Your Welcome : )


Patio Umbrella Parts 101
Click to enlarge

What is?

The finial is typically the top decorative piece that is screwed onto the patio umbrella pole at the top.

It serves 2 purposes:

  1. A decorative top, finishing off the look of the umbrella. 
  2. It's holds down the canopy.

The canopy vent, lets air pass thru the canopy reducing the possibility of tipping over.

The patio umbrella canopy is the main fabric covering the ribs and is what produces shade. 

The patio umbrella ribs are the longer poles that spreed out the canopy.

The patio umbrella struts are the shorter pole used the spreed out the umbrella ribs.

The patio umbrella hub, runs up and down the umbrella pole spreading the struts which in turn spreed the ribs.

The pole is the main shaft of the patio umbrella, everything is attached the the pole.

The base tube attaches to the patio umbrella base, and the pole slides into the base tube.

The patio umbrella base is the weighted slab or decorative portion at the bottom of a patio umbrella. They often come on various weights, shape and sizes to fit the needs of the patio umbrella. It is meant to hold the umbrella steady to the ground and keep it from flipping over.

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Why Buy Galtech?

Galtech 986 11′ Round Deluxe Auto Tilt Umbrella LED Lighted

Why Galtech?

A Galtech umbrella will ensure that your outdoor experience is the best that it can be.


Galtech’s shade products are designed with the finest materials available. Galtech’s aluminum umbrellas utilize stainless steel cables and patented auto tilt mechanisms, our wood umbrellas are finished with six layers of marine grade varnish to protect and beautify the wood. Galtech’s selection of Sunbrella fabric is second to none.

For the past 23 years, Galtech’s dedicated team of specialists have strived to make purchasing a Galtech umbrella a positive experience for both the dealer and the consumer.

Galtech’s shade products are designed with the finest materials available. Galtech’s aluminum umbrellas utilize stainless steel cables and patented auto tilt mechanisms, our wood umbrellas are finished with six layers of marine grade varnish to protect and beautify the wood. Galtech’s selection of Sunbrella fabric is second to none.

Here is the complete line of Galtech Umbrellas we offer:

Galtech 131 9′ Round Light Wood Patio Umbrella

Galtech 161 6′ Square Deluxe Patio Umbrella

Galtech 221 7.5′ Deluxe Round Dark Wood Umbrella

Galtech 121 7.5′ Deluxe Round Light Wood Umbrella

Galtech 211 6′ Deluxe Round Dark Wood Umbrella

Galtech 111 6′ Deluxe Round Light Wood Umbrella

Galtech 897 10′ x 10′ Cantilever (Offset) Aluminum Square Umbrella

Galtech 772 3.5′ x 7′ Half Wall Market Umbrella

Galtech 781 11′ Round Deluxe Commercial Flat Profile Umbrella

Galtech 782 8′ Square Deluxe Commercial Market Umbrella

Galtech 732 9′ Round Deluxe Commercial Market Umbrella

Galtech 735 9′ Round Commercial Market Umbrella

Galtech 725 7.5′ Round Commercial Market Umbrella

Galtech 722 7.5′ Round Deluxe Commercial Use Market

Galtech 762 6′ Square Deluxe Commercial Market Umbrella

Galtech 986 11′ Round Deluxe Auto Tilt Umbrella LED Lighted

Galtech 936 9′ Round Deluxe Auto Tilt Umbrella LED Lighted

Galtech 779 8.5’x11′ Oval Deluxe Auto Tilt Umbrella

Galtech 738 9′ Round Deluxe Auto Tilt Umbrella

Galtech 727 7.5′ Deluxe Auto Tilt Round Umbrella