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Bambrella Hurricane Side Wind (Offset) Aluminum Patio Umbrellas

The Hurricane Side Wind has several base options, an in-ground mounting system for installation into concrete or for greater flexibility, choose a optional counter-weight base system.

Click on chart below for all Hurricane Side Wind sizes & shape specification chart.

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10' Square
11' Square
11.5' Round
Black Canopy
Ecru Canopy
Green Canopy
Harvest Wheat Canopy
Ice White Canopy
Ocean Blue Canopy
Red Canopy
Sun Yellow Canopy
Terracota Canopy
Stone Grey Canopy
Navy Canopy


Bambrellas Hurricane Side Wind (Offset) Aluminum Patio Umbrellas are side-pole umbrellas. Perfect for both residential or commercial applications.

The  Hurricane Side Wind (Offset) Aluminum Patio Umbrellas are engineered to rotate 360° about the base.
This offset umbrella is crafted to easily tilt the canopy up to a 45° angle.

These umbrellas come standard with the In-Ground Base Mount for installing into concrete or can be set up using a Counter Weight Base System (includes granite weights).

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These extra large wind resistant patio natural bamboo cantilevered umbrellas are designed with style and durability. This is a  perfect shade solution for residential or contract application.

Bambrella rust-proof aluminum products feature superior density, strength. The posts and ribs are constructed from aluminum, hub, and runner from marine grade nylon.

All umbrellas are available in a wide variety of Spuncrylic Outdoor Fabrics.

Wind Tunnel Tested up to 76 mph., for strength and durability., with a 5-year guarantee, easily replaceable parts, sets them apart from the competition.

Our team of umbrella specialists strives to make purchasing a patio umbrella a simple and positive experience for the consumer.

As authorized Bambrella distributor we carry a wide selection of premium Bambrella shade products which can be enjoyed with confidence for years to come.

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What is a offest or cantilever umbrella?

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Bambrella Side Wind Base Guide

Bambrella Side Wind Umbrellas Base Guide.

In-Ground Base Mount: For a more permanent  installation, Bambrella has a in-ground mounting system.
This system require core drilling into concrete.

Granite Counter Weight Base System.

If you are in a location with higher than normal winds, you may opt for the heavier base system for the 10′ or 11.5′ round umbrellas.

Bambrella Hurricane Side Wind (Offset) Counter Weight Base

10′ Square: 310 lb. (36″ x 50″) 2 granite weights.
11.5′ Round: 310 lb. (36″ x 50″) 2 granite weights.
11′ Square: 620 lb. (36″ x 50″) 4 granite weights.

Bambrella Flush Mounted Steel Plate Deck Mount.

An alternative to core drilling or the granite base system.

Deck mount

Bambrella’s 13.75″ x 13.75″ Square 1/2″ solid steel plate deck mount. This is an alternative to the in-ground or granite base system  mounting systems.
The deck mount can be installed on top of  a cement slab and doesn’t require any cement core drilling.

Bambrella Side Wind Assembly Instructions

Click here to download our PDF installation instruction


Download Our Detailed Spec Sheet

Video-Wind Tunnel Test

Bambrella – Levante Wind tunnel test