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Patio Umbrella Parts 101

Everything you need to know before you buy.

A comprehensive guide to Patio Umbrella parts.

Umbrellas are often used to protect us from the rain and sun, but do you know all the parts that make up an umbrella? This comprehensive guide will break down the different components of a patio umbrella, including their names and functions. Have you ever wondered what a finial is? Do you understand the difference between a runner and a rib? Ain’t nobody got time for that! We understand that not everyone can be a umbrella specialist, so we created this info-graphic to help you understand all those terms you need to know when ordering a patio umbrella. Your Welcome : )
Patio Umbrella Parts 101
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What is?

The finial is typically the top decorative piece that is screwed onto the patio umbrella pole at the top.

It serves 2 purposes:

  1. A decorative top, finishing off the look of the umbrella. 
  2. It's holds down the canopy.

The canopy vent, lets air pass thru the canopy reducing the possibility of tipping over.

The patio umbrella canopy is the main fabric covering the ribs and is what produces shade. 

The patio umbrella ribs are the longer poles that spreed out the canopy.

The patio umbrella struts are the shorter pole used the spreed out the umbrella ribs.

The patio umbrella hub, runs up and down the umbrella pole spreading the struts which in turn spreed the ribs.

The pole is the main shaft of the patio umbrella, everything is attached the the pole.

The base tube attaches to the patio umbrella base, and the pole slides into the base tube.

The patio umbrella base is the weighted slab or decorative portion at the bottom of a patio umbrella. They often come on various weights, shape and sizes to fit the needs of the patio umbrella. It is meant to hold the umbrella steady to the ground and keep it from flipping over.