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Shadowspec Retreat Wall Mounted Umbrella

Sale Price $1,890.00

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Sale Price $1,890.00

Note: each umbrella includes 1 Wall Mount Bracket kit. Additional kits can be ordered where umbrella is to be used in multiple locations.


Shadowspec Retreat™ The Wall Mounted Umbrella

  • Sublime Outdoor Living
  • High-performance shade
  • Clever Shade for Compact Spaces
  • Versatile, refined sun protection
  1. Features

    • Shadowlift™ Gas-assisted, make every deployment easy.
    • Shadowroll™ Integrated roller allows smooth deployment.
    • Shadowreach™ Extend for maximum shade.
    • Shadowtilt™ Shade for all sun positions throughout the day.
  2. Form

    • Materials: The Shadowspec Retreat is constructed with sleek, modern materials. Taking a step back and making considered decisions around the strength and aesthetic properties of the materials used to build the Shadowspec Retreat. Modelled from the range Shadowspec Umbrellas, Aluminium, Strong
    •  Designed in New Zealand: Our in-house design team has redefined the wall mounted umbrella. Incorporating modern design, materials and concepts to produce a world leading design, right here in New Zealand.
  3. Function

    • Straight up and down: When designing spaces, it’s important to make the most of your location, can’t waste space or encroach on other spaces. The Shadowspec Retreat is designed to deploy and retract with a minimal footprint to ensure you can provide shade without sacrifice.
    • Compact Spaces: Clever shade for Compact spaces, The Wall Mounted Umbrella is perfect for interesting spaces. Think laneways, spa pools, nooks, balconies. These spaces don’t have room for umbrellas to encroach upon the floor plan. A wall mounted umbrella will provide maximum shade with minimum intrusion.
    • Included protection cover: It’s important to us that your Shadowspec Retreat is protected from the elements, and we’ve included the protection cover with the Retreat to protect your shade investment.
    • Tilt, Rotate and extend your way to perfect shade: The sun moves throughout the day and the Shadowspec Retreat’s built-in tilt positions enable maximum shade, all day long. Combined with the rotation and extension functions, the Retreat is ready to deliver quality shade all day.
    • Gas lift: Shadowspec’s family of New Zealand Designed umbrellas is centred around the patented Shadowlift system, Gas Assisted deployment to ensure an effortless elegance every time. The Shadowlift takes the weight and pressure of the Cantilever umbrella to help you with the deployment.
    • Installation: The Shadowspec Retreat folds down into a single vertical position that doesn’t encroach on existing windows, pipes or wall features. The design does away with elbow and removal systems. That limits the location for installation as elbows need horizontal space for storage and can’t be installed alongside windows or under eaves.
  4. Speccifications
    Shadowspec Retreat Brochure and Specifications


Installation and Owners Manuals

Shadowspec Retreat Installation Guide
Shadowspec Retreat Owners Manual