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How to Measure Patio Umbrellas

Measure twice, buy once!

How To Measure Patio Umbrellas?

First, open your umbrella and make certain it’s completely extended. Then measure from the top of the patio umbrella along one of the ribs or arms that extent from the center hub. Measure that distance from the center hub to end of the rib or arm. Then simply multiply that number by 2, that is the size of your umbrella.

For example, if your umbrella has ribs that are 5 feet long, then you have a 10 foot patio umbrella. Remember patio umbrellas are measured by canopy width not overall height.

Another important measurement to know is the “Crank Height”.

This measurement is called the crank height. You may need to know this if you are buying an umbrella for a taller table, like a bar height table.

The “Crank Height” is the distance from the base of the umbrella pole to the cranking mechanism, if it has one.

The beautiful patio umbrella featured in our graphic, is the Bambrella Levante Center Pole, it doesn’t not have a crank, but many center pole umbrellas from our Galtech collection do, so the “Crank Height” can be an important measurement. Why? Well consider if you are going to be using your umbrellas in a table, the height of your table needs to be shorter than your “Crank Height”.