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Bambrella Sirocco Center Pole Bamboo Umbrellas

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6.5' Square
9' Round
Black Canopy
Ecru Canopy
Green Canopy
Harvest Wheat Canopy
Ice White Canopy
Ocean Blue Canopy
Red Canopy
Sun Yellow Canopy
Terracota Canopy
Stone Grey Canopy
Navy Canopy

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Pick the right base for your umbrella,
refer to our base guide below.


The Bambrella Sirocco Bamboo Umbrellas have a two-piece 1.5″ pole so that the umbrella pole can be split. This allows for easy storage and ease of transportation.

The 1.5″ pole connector is made from stainless steel and the screw system is extremely strong. The hub and runner are made from nylon and are designed so that they can be split in half. This permits the arms to be replaced quite easily.

They use a patented cleat system instead of using a pin to hold up the umbrella. This enables one to have the shade at different heights.

Available in a 9′ round and a 6.5′ square version.

Quick-ship available!

(Note 66 lb. base should only be used if the umbrella is use with a table)


Natural beauty with a sleek modern design.

Naturally strong and very durable, with a tensile strength similar to steel, they are resistant to warping, splitting, rot, mold and mildew.

All umbrellas are available in a wide variety of Spuncrylic Outdoor Fabrics.

Wind tunnel tested from 56 up to 76 mph., with a 5-year guarantee, easily replaceable parts, sets them apart from the competition.

These umbrellas were tested in a wind tunnel in order to test the durability and strength of the pole and canopy.
The umbrellas were bolted and secured to the ground.
Do not leave any umbrella in the open position in winds in excess of 20mph, without being fitted and bolted to the ground by licensed contractor.
Always close your umbrella when not in use!

Why Bambrella?

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How to measure an umbrella.

Base Guide

Bambrella Santa Ana Aluminum Umbrellas Base Guide

Bambrella offers a wide range of bases to suit many requirements. If the umbrella is free standing, the weight of the base should be determined by the size of the umbrella as well as what wind conditions it may be exposed to.

The bases are solid granite with a stainless steel base tube, handle and recessed wheels for easier movement.

We recommend the following bases (sold separately):

*If you are in a location with higher than normal wind, you may opt for the heavier base system for each umbrella as shown below:

  • 6.5′  – 66 lb. (table base only), 110 lb. base.
  • 9′  – 66 lb. (table base only), 110 lb. base, 155 lb. base.

Note: The 110 lb. and 155 lb. can be used as a table or free standing base.

Gray Granite & Stainless Steel Umbrella Base
Gray Granite & Stainless Steel Umbrella Base

Assembly Instructions

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