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Patio Umbrellas for the Summer

Outdoor Patio umbrellas are great for protecting you from the sun while enjoying an outdoor meal or party. Weather you have a small or larger patio that needs protection from the sun? These patio umbrellas will keep you cool and protected on hot summer days!

The Best Outdoor Patios Umbrellas for Large Patios

If you have a large patio, you might consider purchasing a cantilever patio umbrella with the ability to rotate 360 degrees, giving you multiple shade options. This type of umbrella will provide more shade than a standard patio umbrella.

You can also purchase a larger center pole outdoor patio umbrella. Our selection of 11.5′ and 13′ umbrellas will shade larger tables and seating areas.

The Best Outdoor Patio Umbrellas for Small Spaces

If you live in a smaller home with limited space, then you might not have room for a full size patio umbrella. Luckily, there are plenty of options available for those who want to enjoy the outdoors without sacrificing comfort. You can find patio umbrellas that are compact enough to fit into even the smallest spaces.