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Why Bambrella?

It's Simple, Quality, Design and Strength!

Bambrella Ltd was formed by the directors of the Woodstocks International group of companies, who have been manufacturing garden furniture and umbrellas in Indonesia since 1996. Prior to this the directors were wooden boat builders. The wealth of experience gained over the years in this industry has inspired us to invest time and resources into the research and rigorous testing of materials, in order to produce a superior umbrella. They use unique patented designs and innovative technology to manufacture umbrellas of unsurpassed quality.

In Bamboo they have the “Sirocco” Bamboo Collection and the “Levante” Bamboo Collection.

They also carry 2 aluminum umbrella lines. Those lines are the “Hurricane’s” and “Santa Ana’s collections.

Check them all out here:


Bambrella Levante Side Wind (Offset) Bamboo Patio Umbrellas
Bambrella Sirocco Side Wind (Offset) Bamboo Umbrellas
Bambrella Levante Round Bamboo Umbrellas
Bambrella Levante Rectangle Bamboo Umbrellas
Bambrella Levante Square Bamboo Umbrellas


Bambrella Hurricane Side Wind (Offset) Aluminum Patio Umbrellas
Bambrella Hurricane Square Aluminum Umbrellas
Bambrella Hurricane Round Aluminum Umbrellas
Bambrella Santa Ana Aluminum Umbrellas

And the protective covers are a must!

Bambrella Protective Umbrella Covers

In 2010 they expanded their manufacturing operation into China and began the manufacture of Bambrella umbrellas there. The reason for the move from Indonesia was the plentiful supply of superior Moso bamboo, which they found to be the only bamboo which can be processed and treated for outdoor use, as well as being available with FSC certifications.

Bambrella® has proven to be the highest quality laminated bamboo umbrella on the market. One of the reasons is its ability to resist the inherent problem that inferior products have of mold and mildew occurring when bamboo is exposed to the elements. This effective resistance has taken years of testing to overcome. Another reason is the patented joint system which enables us to hot press and glue long lengths of laminations. These innovations make it very difficult for other manufacturers to replicate the quality of Bambrella. Independent laboratory-testing has been conducted for mold and mildew defense and the ability to prevent de-lamination, this gives us and our customers confidence in this fine product.

Our mission is to supply commercial, contract and residential users with a strong, durable and well-designed umbrellas which will last, whilst maintaining a natural wood look, finish and feel. At Bambrella, they constantly look to improve and enhance their product range and are designing and testing an exciting new range of outdoor furniture using high-quality modern materials combined with bamboo. The materials used in the production of their outdoor furniture and umbrellas are known to be the best available, so that they can withstand the many differing climates and conditions around the world where their products are found.


Bambrella & The Environment


Bambrella® is a certificate holder in the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC®) scheme and we endeavour to source our bamboo through FSC® certified forests.

The FSC® have only been certifying bamboo forests since 2008 and although bamboo is the fastest growing plant in the world, we at Bambrella® feel that these bamboo forests need to be managed responsibly. This ensures that our bamboo is well managed, and protects local communities and natural wildlife.

All the materials used in the production of our umbrellas are 100% recyclable. The oil finish we use has a low VOC and the bamboo is dipped rather than sprayed. The glues we use are European and are rated well within the EU, E1 standard. Recycled materials are used for packaging where possible. All this helps keep the impact of manufacturing on the environment to a minimum. At Bambrella® we understand our social responsibilities and require our international partners to adhere to high levels of welfare, far exceeding local labour standards.

As a member of the Leisure & Outdoors Furniture Association (LOFA) Bambrella® is also linked to the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC®). We register all our designs at the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) and additionally protect it at the Anti Copying In Design (ACID) society. Bambrella® is also proud to be a member of WWF-UK’s Business Club – a community of enterprises who are supporting WWF’s urgent work to build a future where people live in harmony with nature by conserving biological diversity, promoting sustainable use of natural resources, reducing wasteful consumption, cutting pollution and carbon emissions.