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The Best 6 Patio Umbrellas For Tables

Which Umbrella is Best for You!

The Best 6 Patio Umbrellas For Tables

Which Umbrella is Best for You!

Whether you just got your new set of outdoor patio furniture delivered, or it’s finally warm enough where you live to start spending quality time outside, one of the most important factors in creating the perfect outdoor space is:  “What umbrella should I choose for my table and chairs”?

This article will help you make that decision. And if you are looking for an umbrella for a different spot on your patio – no worries! We will cover that in another blog!

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The first factor in choosing the perfect umbrella for you tables is usually what size umbrella to get?

A few factors will help determine this. The first consideration is table size. You certainly want an umbrella that will not only cover the table but also provide the right amount of shade for the people sitting around it.

A simple rule of thumb for patio umbrella sizing is that your patio umbrella should extend over the table by 2 feet on each side.

Here are some size suggestions:

7.5′ – 9′ Umbrella

  • Pair with a 36″ – 48″ table set
  • Accommodates six to seven people standing

9.5′ – 11′ Umbrella:

  • Pair with a 48″ – 60″ table set
  • Accommodates seven to eight people standing

11.5′ to Over 13′:

  • Pair with a 60″ – 72″ table set
  • Accommodates nine to 10 people standing

The next consideration is shape:

The easiest way to decide on which umbrella shape to choose is by complementing the furniture your umbrella will be covering.

If it will be covering a square table, make the canopy square as well. If your table is round then go with round or hexagonal umbrellas for full coverage. And for oval or rectangle tables, we offer large umbrellas to cover this type of seating arrangement.

Table Hole Size:

If you are using the umbrella with a table, make sure the hole is large enough to accommodate the umbrella’s pole diameter. We have umbrellas in all size pole diameters from 1.5 inches to as big as 2.25 inches!

Not all patio umbrellas are created equal! There are a variety of fabrics, frame materials, lift methods, tilt features, and canopy styles:

Here are 6 awesome umbrellas available on

Bambrella’s Levante Center Pole premium umbrellas are available in various sizes ranging from 6.5 feet to as large as 13 feet, and in three canopy shapes: RoundSquare and Rectangle.

Made using a single-piece pole for extra strength and durability, it possesses simple, clean, classic lines with the contemporary feel of stainless steel and natural bamboo. The double pulley and rope system ensures easy raising and lowering of the umbrella, even on the largest of models.

Levante umbrellas incorporate a turned bamboo hub and runner with 304 stainless steel brackets, a bamboo finial and an elegant, practical hour glass shaped pin made from bamboo and stainless steel. The covers are attached using a bolt-down stainless steel rib end protector system, or, alternatively, sewn pockets are available. The ribs and supporting arms are fitted with stainless steel through bolts making all the parts easily interchangeable

The Levante 10′ Square Center Pole Bamboo Umbrella provides the perfect shade solution for a large dining table. Available in a variety of colors!

Bambrella Levante Square Umbrella

This Bambrella Center Pole Umbrella is the perfect complement for a teak dining table arrangement!

Bambrella Levante Rectangle patio Umbrella

Bambrella Sirocco Umbrellas have a two-piece pole so that the umbrella pole can be split. This allows for easy storage and ease of transportation. The pole connector is made from stainless steel and the screw system is extremely strong. The hub and runner are made from nylon, and are designed so that they can be split in half. This permits the arms to be replaced quite easily.

This umbrella features a patented cleat system instead of using a pin to hold up the umbrella. This enables one to have the shade at different heights.

The Sirocco Umbrella is the ideal choice for cafes, restaurants, hotels and other such hospitality settings.
This dependable umbrella is equally at home on any residential patio or lawn, versatile easy to use and low maintenance, a great all round shade solution.

Galtech offers a myriad of umbrellas for every table configuration. From small umbrellas for café tables to large umbrellas, these shade products are available in every size and shape you might want. Tilt and crank mechanisms vary so once you decide on the size and shape you need you can browse the selections featured here on our site to find the perfect umbrella for you patio table.

Galtech’s 11 Deluxe Auto-Tilt Aluminum Umbrella With Thatched Canopy

If you need a lot of shade this is the perfect umbrella for you. This 11′ Aluminum patio umbrella by Galtech creates enough shade to cover a large patio table or outdoor bar. The best feature of this umbrella is the Deluxe Auto Tilt cranking mechanism that makes tilting this large canopy as easy as a few turns of the crank gone are the days of climbing on tables fighting a push button to tilt your umbrella. A tilting canopy allows you to maximize the amount time in shade by tilting the canopy towards the direction of the sun when it is low in the sky.

The corrosion resistant powder coated finish means your umbrella will look like new for years to come. With the large selection of fabric colors available you are sure to match your look of your patio furniture.

What if my table has no hole or I don’t want the umbrella going through the middle of the table?

This is a great question! Some tables come with no hole. Or maybe you want a multifunctional umbrella that can be used to shade that table area, but also can shade another spot on your patio or outdoor area.

An Offset or Cantilevered umbrella might just be the perfect shade solution for you!

Offset umbrellas, sometimes known as side pole, are versatile shade products that offer great protection from the sun but can do much more than a traditional, center pole umbrella.

Here are a few offset scenarios to show you what can be done with one of these amazing products.

We have many more here on our site – Click here to see all Cantilevered Umbrellas.

The Levante Side Wind Cantilever Bamboo Umbrell
a – yes this umbrella is Plant Based and is engineered to rotate 360° about the base. With its high design, this offset umbrella is crafted so that one can easily tilt the canopy up to a 45° angle. Shown here in Ice White fabric but available in 10 other beautiful and durable Spuncrylic® fabrics!

These twin Bambrella Levante 11’ Square Side Wind Umbrellas look stunning on this gorgeous patio deck!

Bambrella’s Hurricane Side Winds are side-pole rust proof aluminum umbrellas, designed for use in both the commercial and domestic markets.

The Hurricane Side Wind Cantilever Umbrella is engineered to rotate 360° about the base. With a unique design, this offset umbrella is made so the canopy can be tilted up to a 45° angle.

And don’t forget the umbrella base or stand! You need a base heavy enough to support the umbrella so it can’t knock over the table if there is any wind. And it is recommended that when your umbrella is not being used, you close it and cover it with an umbrellas cover.

  • Click here to see our Base Guide!

The best way to protect your umbrella canopy and get longer use from it is with an umbrella cover!

Click here to see our umbrella Covers.